Privacy and Personal Identifiable Information Policy

Customer Consulting Group is committed to maintain the privacy of all information we collect to maintain our compliance with the Privacy Act, Australian Privacy Principles and contractual obligations we have with customers. The Privacy Act sets out the requirements in relation to the collection, access, storage and use of personal information which we have obtained.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is described as any electronic data that can be used to disclose the identity of an individual.

To maintain information security at Customer Consulting Group, we require all information we collect from the public and our customers to follow these collection and storage requirements;

  • Personally Identifiable Information is not stored on any system that is available to the public.
  • All Personally Identifiable Information that is stored by Customer Consulting Group will be encrypted and access to this will comply with our Access Control and Authentication policy.
  • All Personally Identifiable Information is encrypted during transfer.
  • All systems, programs or methods used to collect Personally Identifiable Information is reviewed by the COO prior to implementation to ensure that all security principles, programming standards, data storage and data elements are being collected securely and stored appropriately.
  • Personally Identifiable Information access by any system, program or method that does not conform to these requirements is removed from use until corrective action has been taken.

Individuals may request access their personal information held by Customer Consulting Group so it can be corrected or updated. All other enquiries or complaints should be sent to

Customer Consulting Group may also share your Personal Information with third parties if we have received consent, permission under the Privacy act or to comply with applicable laws.

The COO is accountable to the Director for all privacy & information matters.

Customer Consulting Group reviews this policy regularly and will publish updates as required.