Less paperwork = less time wasting

CCG Trades can show you the way to the paperless side with mobile forms that can be created and signed onsite or online, anytime, anywhere.

Pricing Info
CCG uses forms in many capacities including to capture website enquiries.


Customise and create templates for online forms that you can use at the click of a button.


Collect data and create reports designed to give you the right insights into your successes.


Send forms to customers, suppliers and staff to make collaborating faster and more efficient.

How can 
CCG Trades 
help you?

Create forms that will help you to obtain data from leads, people you don't know yet, people you wish to remain anonymous and poeple without company owned devices.

Create, design and publish forms from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Integrate with your existing compatible software and analyse data you retrieve with simple widgets and analytics.